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Highlights of Activities – 2006

Assistance to Administrative Staff College of India in its programme on Corporate Governance for Forward Markets Commission, Government of India/ Multi-Commodity Exchange, 20-21st January 2006.

Second Directors` Certification Programme with SCOPE under the auspices of Ministry of Heavy Industry & PE, 15th to 18th February 2006, New Delhi.

Directors Programme for Insurance Industry in collaboration with Institute for Insurance and Risk Management, 21st-23rd February 2006, Hyderabad

Training of Trainers in Corporate Governance, a Certification Programme in association with Bangladesh Enterprises Institute, 25th-28th February, 2006, Dhaka

Corporate Governance Programme for State-Owned Enterprises in Bangladesh, in association with BEI, 1st-2nd March 2006, Dhaka.

Participation, in the OECD`s 2006 Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance – Network on Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in Asia, 15-16 May, 2006

Assistance in delivering the International Workshop of Commonwealth Secretariat on Structures, Developments and Roadmap for strengthening Corporate Governance in Asian Countries, 17-18 June, 2006. Maldives.

Table Topic Moderation at SHRM 58th Annual Conference, Washington DC, on Role of HR Profession in Promoting Corporate Governance, 26th June 2006

Governance and Regulation of Micro-Finance Institutions, a Policy Workshop supporting Indian Institute of Economics and Govt of Andhra Pradesh, 1st July 2006, Hyderabad

Programmes for Bangladesh Enterprise Institute for SEC Officials; Prime Bank, South East Bank; HR Professionals etc. from 30th August to 4th September 2006

Address to the 34th National Convention of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India on Enhancing Value of Corporate Governance, 9th September, 2006

CACG-RIAB-ACG Conference on "Governance of Service Providers", 13th-14th, October 2006, Trivandrum.

Second Directors Conclave for PSEs, in association with SCOPE and Ministry, 8th-9th November 2006, New Delhi.

Assistance to GCGF in its support to ICGN's Mid-year Conference at Mumbai, 9th-10th November 2006

Highlights of Activities – 2007 

Consulting by Founder & Trustee, to Global Corporate Governance Forum / World Bank Group in Designing, Developing, Validating and Delivering Pilot Programmes on Corporate Governance for Directors and Trainers for the DFI Members of SADC-DFRC – January through December 2007, Johannesburg.

Assistance to Global Corporate Governance Forum / World Bank Group in High Level Working Committee, Consultation, Peer Review Workshop on Corporate Governance and Co-operatives, London 8th February 2007.

Assistance by Founder & Trustee to Commonwealth Secretariat, London as Member of the Commonwealth Expert Review Group, February – September 2007.

Participation and presentation by Founder & Trustee in OECD Asia Network for SOE’s – Cebu, Philippines, April 2007.

Address by Founder & Trustee on Lessons from Asia in promoting Corporate Governance to the High-level breakfast session preceding the AfDB Annual Meet at Shanghai, May, 2007.

Presentation by Mr. Michael Gillibrand, Honorary Advisor, relating to Corporate Governance in Family Business, Tunis, June 2007.

Contribution to ICGN Year Book 2007 on Corporate Governance Developments in India.

Contribution to ICGN Annual Conference relating to Session on Shareholder Accountability, Cape Town, South Africa – July 2007.

Academic support to GCGF-Comsec-CMDA Workshop on Implementation of Code for Maldives, in Kurumba, Maldives, August 2007.

Scoping report to Global Corporate Governance Forum / World Bank Group on Corporate Governance needs for Maldives – August, September 2007.

ACG-SCOPE IIIrd Director’s Certification Programme for Central Public Sector Enterprises, New Delhi, 5-8th September 2007

Presentation to COMSEC workshop on Corporate Governance – Beyond Awareness & Training: Making it Work for Development, Colombo, Sri Lanka, October 2007.

Address at ICSI award function, Kolkata, 26th November 2007 and published contribution titled Corporate Governance – Embarking on a Fresh Journey?

ACG-SCOPE IIIrd Directors Conclave for Chief Executives of CPSE’s, 14-15th December 2007, New Delhi.

Assistance to RIAB, Govt. of Kerala on Rising to Competitive Heights, Trivandrum 27th December 2007.

Highlights of Activities – 2008.

Assistance to Bangladesh Enterprise Institute in holding the Corporate Governance Week – 2008, 13thJanuary – 17th January comprising of the following seminars / programmes:

  • Corporate Governance for Growth, Development and Sustainability
  • Seminar on Corporate Governance Strategy for the Chairmen of Financial Institutions of Bangladesh.
  • Best Practice on Director Information system: What the director needs to know.
  • Capacity Building Programme for the State-Owned Enterprises.
  • Capacity Building Programme on Corporate Governance for the Senior Officials of the Regulatory Bodies of Bangladesh.
  • Capacity Building Programme on Succession Planning for the long-term competitiveness for the Private Sectors in Bangladesh.

Participation to the Annual Consultative Meeting on Corporate governance. African Development Bank, Tunis, January 22, 2008.

ACG-SCOPE III CEO Conclave of CPSE’s on Corporate Governance. 1st & 2nd February 2008, New Delhi.

Consulting by Founder Trustee, to Global Corporate Governance Forum / World Bank Group in Designing, Developing, Validating and Delivering SADC-DFRC Capacity Building Project: Baseline Assessment from March 2008 through November 2008.

Paper Presentation on Challenges of Corporate Governance for DFI’s in SADC Region at SADC-DFRC Roundtableheld on 29th April, 2008, in Port Luis, Mauritius.

Assistance to OECD’s First Southern African Network meet on Corporate Governance of SOEs and chairing the session, 6th & 7th may 2008, Cape Town, South Africa.

Address on the Annual day of National Academy of Accounts and Auditing and with a paper titled The Future of Corporate Governance on 4th June, NAAA, Shimla.

Highlights of Activities – 2009.

Assistance to Capital Markets Development Authority (CMDA), Maldives relating to the criteria and methodology for Corporate Governance Awards – February 2009.

Professional assistance to Allied Insurance Corporation, Maldives in developing a Corporate Governance Charter and related recommendations for reform, Feb – July 2009.

Facilitation by Founder & Trustee in the SADC–DFRC programme on Corporate Governance for Directorsin the DFI network of 15 countries, April, 2009.

Address by Founder & Trustee at the OECD’s Asia Network meet of SOEs at Bangkok, Thailand, May 2009.

Presentation by the Founder & Trustee at the OECD’s S. African Network meet of SOEs at Maputo, Mozambique, May 2009.

Facilitation in a series of training initiatives of the CMDA, Maldives for the Board of CMDA, SOE’s, Media and briefing senior officials of the Government, June 2009.

Address by the Founder & Trustee to the First Conference of Non Official Directors of Central Public Sector Enterprises organised by the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India and ICSI for the Central Public Sector Enterprises, New Delhi, July 2009.

Professional services by the Founder & Trustee to Global Corporate Governance Forum / World Bank Group for the development of Corporate Governance Code and related aspects of the Securities Exchange Commission of Cambodia, commencing from July 09 continuing in 2010.

Assistance in peer review of the drafts Codes of Corporate Governance of Georgia, Jordan and Philippines, through 2009.

Assistance by Founder & Trustee on behalf of IMF / World Bank’s Joint Africa Initiative for facilitation in the SADC–DFRC programme on corporate governance for Directors, September 2009.

Address by Founder Trustee at the IFC–SECC workshop relating to corporate governance, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, October 2009.

Address by Founder & Trustee to the Directors and Management of National Minerals Development Corporation in promoting Vigilance and its awareness, November 2009.

Address by Founder & Trustee to the 37th National Convention of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), November 2009.

Theme paper & address by Founder & Trustee to the high level conference of the Government of Kerala on Resurgence of SOE’s, the Kerala Experience – New Delhi, November 2009.

Commencement by the Founder & Trustee of a major two-phased project (09-`10) on behalf of Global Corporate Governance Forum / World Bank Group for promoting corporate governance policy environment in the Southern African region.

Address to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India-NFCG Eastern Region conference as part of the India Corporate Week, December 2009.


  • The Ethics of Corporate Governance – an Asian Perspective, International Journal of Law and Management, Vol.51, No.1, 2009
  •  Independent Directors – Structural and Behavioural Impediments to their Effectiveness Tapasya, Summer edition, 2009
  •  Corporate Governance – Directions for the Next Decade CMDA, Maldives, June, 09
  • Corporate Governance Initiatives for State-owned Enterprises in India – Leading the Way? Kaleidoscope, Vol 28, No.11, 2008
  •  SOE Governance: International Trends and Uniqueness of the Kerala Experience (along with Mr. Padmakumar, RIAB), Govt of Kerala Conference, New Delhi, Nov 2009 –
  •  Legal Origins Theory and Corporate Governance – Leads for Debate in India, ICSI, Souvenir, December 2009.
  •  India 2009:The Macro-environment, Corporate Governance Developments and a Landmark Case, The ICGN Yearbook, 2009, London.

Highlights of Activities – 2010.

Corporate Governance Policy and Regulation – International Developments and Dilemmas, address by the Founder & Head to the top management and professionals of SEBI, Mumbai, 13th January 2010.

V & VI Conclaves on Corporate Governance for CEO’s and Directors of Central Public Sector Enterprises, a joint initiative of ACG & SCOPE, under the aegis of Department of Public Enterprise, Government of India.

ACG partnered with RIAB, Government of Kerala in a high profile International Conference on Resurgence of SOE’s (10th and 11th December, Hotel Leela Kempinski, Trivandrum) inaugurated by Dr. Jomo Sundaram, Assistant Secretary General, UN with participation of international experts drawn mainly from ACG`s network.

ACG has been admitted as a signatory of the UNPRI (an initiative of the UN Global Compact and the UNEP Finance Initiative).

Peer review for corporate governance codes of Greece, Sri Lanka and Philippines.

International Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility, organised by BIMTECH, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Economic Times on 10th April 2010 - address by Founder & Head who also is Member, Advisory Board of the India Centre for Public Policy.

Corporate Governance Programme of DFRC, Botswana, for directors of DFI’s in the Southern African Development Community region, supported by the European Union and held in Pretoria, April – May 2010 – academic assistance from Founder.

OECD’s Asia network for SOE’s was held this year (24th – 25th May) at Kuala Lumpur in which the Founder participated and continued the support rendered to it since 2006.

Contribution to panel on the New Balance in Economic Growth – The Emerging Economies in ICGN annual conference, 7th / 8th June, at Toronto.

Assistance by Founder to LNDC, Lesotho in its corporate governance training programme on behalf of SADC DFRC, the implementing agency.

Aide et Action in collaboration with FICCI New Delhi held a key Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility at New Delhi (1st October), Chaired and moderated by the Founder & Head.

Membership of the International Jury of ICSI for the 10th National Awards for Excellence in Corporate Governance Awards.

Highlights of Activities – 2011.

Address on Social Cost of Global Financial Crisis by Founder Trustee, organised by HMA - FACCI – ISTD – NIPM, Hyderabad, 25th February 2011.

Assistance by Founder Trustee as moderator for breakout session on India-Asian Corporate Governance – The Future Steps at the ICGN’s mid-year conference at Kaulalampur 28th Feb. to 2nd March 2011.

Presentations and discussions by Founder Trustee in the GCGF-DFRC project on Promoting on Policy Environment for Corporate Governance in the SADC Region, Johannesburg, from 24th to 28th May 2011.

Assistance by Founder Trustee to the Royal Monetary Authority in Corporate Governance Training, in a project supported by ADB, Thimpu, Bhutan, 30th May to 4th June 2011.

ACG – SCOPE’s VII Programme on Corporate Governance for CEOs and Directors, Hyderabad 28th - 29th June 2011.

Address by Founder Trustee on Corporate Governance Practices in Emerging Market Economies: Trends and Implications at the first International Conference of CSIA, Shanghai, 22nd – 23rd September 2011.

Facilitation by the Founder Trustee in the DFRC–IOD, Zambia Programme on Corporate Governance relating to SOEs, Lusaka, on 3rd to 5th October 2011.

Participation by the Founder Trustee as member of the Jury for ICSI’s Excellence in Corporate Governance Awards, 12th November at New Delhi.

ACG – SCOPE’s VIII Programme on Corporate Governance for CEOs and Directors, New Delhi, 14th to 15th December 2011.

Chairing / moderating the panel discussion on the eve of the Award Function of ICSI, on CSR & Diversity in Boards, 23rd December 2011 at Hyderabad.

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